No career evidences a strait path or trajectory. Passion, talent and plain hard work may account for success. Couple incredible vision, brilliant ability and a searing work ethic, and this shall describe the path struck by the finest of contemporary decorative artists, Judith Luke.

Twenty five years have laid a course which situates Judith Luke at the very pinnacle of her artistic career. Earliest training in the classical tradition, a BFA at the Tyler School of Art, followed by Master Studies at Princeton University with the renowned French figurative painter Jacques Fabert. 

Jettisoned by Judith’s hard driven grasp of the cutting edge, while informed by ancient and time honored applications and techniques…egg tempera, fresco, trompe l’oeil, the results are astounding. Intuition and elevated expertise make color magic. Furniture reinvented, canvas tacked, varnished and draped to adorn even the medieval in demeanor. One client expressed such exuberance with a custom invented tea stained floor finish that tears were shed. 

An instructor at the Dundean Studio in Chatham, the Montclair Art Museum, the Newark Museum and the New Jersey Center for Visual Arts in Summit. Often partnered alongside architects, designers and hard hats. Never to fear a project so monumental as a small cathedral, or too cavalier to brilliantly resurrect a once cramped and sad hallway. 

An invitation to witness Stately-Homes-By-The-Sea, or the Mansions in May Show Houses.Share the press buzz: New York Spaces, Design NJ and Taunton Press. Experience coast to coast, and the lovely NY/NJ and Metropolitan electricity. Or even the confidence of some very swank celebrities. The finest referrals upon request.